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Expo Mineral Virtual
Páginas de minerales

Below the page you'll find twenty-three Pages of specimens, with a wide range of affordable prices.


Our virtual proposal during the Tucson Show time

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A total of 157 new specimens added since January 16th during the first
Expo Mineral Virtual

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New specimens

Over 26 years on line

Thank you for attending the first Expo Mineral Virtual

72 new specimens published on January 16th and 85 pieces more added later at The Core of Expo Mineral

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We were working at the Tucson Show Virtual
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21NTX13 - Fluorite, Quartz
Yesterday's most viewed Specimen for sale Fluorite, Quartz
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New specimens
Expo Mineral Virtual (1)
New specimens
Expo Mineral Virtual (1)
New Specimens
Expo Mineral Virtual (1)

These pages present a selection of the fine specimens that we have for sale. They are simply presented as a series of lists. We try to keep about 50-60 specimens per page. All pages have a particular theme!

Mineral Specimen Pages
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How to order from our web site

Fabre Minerals, for the quality collector

Fine minerals



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