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Photos by Fabre Minerals. Under Creative Commons license

This page provides a selection of the specimens from the Jan Buma collection that have passed through the Fabre Minerals website and, due to their quality,
rarity, or significance as specimens from interesting locations, have been preserved as reference specimens in #MVM

Jan Buma, apart from being a great person, is a Dutch mineral collector who is very well known at most of the European shows since for many years he has attended them with great dedication. At these shows he bought a large number of specimens, initially all types of worldwide minerals, and then only in the three key areas of his collection: Fluorite, Rumania, Indian Zeolites and related species.

I have kept up a long friendship with Jan, which started many years ago at a Munich show. Back then I sold him one of the first specimens from the Emilio Mine, which caught his attention as it was a new locality at that time. Since then we have always kept in touch and done regular deals. So, when he sold his worldwide collection of minerals I had the opportunity and good luck of buying it. Some time later Jan decided to concentrate on an even more select range of minerals: just one, in fact - Fluorite. So he then sold his collection of Indian Zeolites and Rumanian specimens. Once again I was lucky enough to have the chance of buying his collection of Indian minerals.


In 2004 Jan Buma decided to concentrate on only high quality Fluorite specimens, so he decided to sell off most of his Fluorites, keeping just a select few. Jan decided to separate the Fluorites he had for sale into two groups: ones that were easier to sell, as the specimens were relatively cheap and they were of interest because of the localities they came from; the second were the better specimens, in which the range of locations and the good quality were both noteworthy. At the end of 2010, Jan Buma, after having built yet another excellent collection of Fluorite, decided to sell his entire collection, including his best pieces.

Both the quality of the specimens, and the range of localities makes this a really interesting collection. Each specimen is very well documented, as it comes with a record on which Jan noted details of the mineral, the locality, when he bought it, who he bought if from, and how much he paid.

We hope that you enjoy these specimens from the Jan Buma Collection as much as we have enjoyed them.

Jordi Fabre

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