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DD89AC7: Corundum
Very thick tabular single crystal on matrix. It is very sharp, has very well defined faces and edges and it is translucent, very bright with an intense and deep blue color.
Pit 298, Ilmen Natural Reserve, Ilmenskie Mountains, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Ural Federal District  Russia
Specimen size: 4.8 × 4.6 × 3.4 cm = 1.89” × 1.81” × 1.34”

Price: [SOLD]
TC64L1: Corundum
This tabular crystal shows a deep red color, translucent under a light source. With triangular growth striations on the pinacoid.
Ampanihy area, Toliara  Madagascar
Specimen size: 3.2 × 3.1 × 0.6 cm = 1.26” × 1.22” × 0.24”

Price: [SOLD]
FB27: Corundum
On the top of a piece of white matrix sits this deep red Corundum that shows its hexagonal form and especially a six armed star. It is brilliant, it is esthetic, it is aerial and it is perfect. Good choice Martín!
Chit-Ostrov, Murmanskaja Oblast, Northern Karelia (Karel'skaya), Republic of Karelia  Russia
Specimen size: 4.5 × 4.2 cm = 1.77” × 1.65”

Price: [SOLD]
Corundum (variety ruby).
TP56Z7: Corundum (variety ruby)
Aggregate of crystals with very well defined faces and edges and their pinacoidal termination is very well developed. They are between translucent and transparent, and have a very vivid, intense and uniform color.
Jagdalek Mine, Surobi, Kabul  Afghanistan
Specimen size: 1.5 × 0.8 × 1.1 cm = 0.59” × 0.31” × 0.43”

Main crystal size: 0.9 × 0.7 cm = 0.35” × 0.28”

Price: [SOLD]
Corundum (variety ruby).
TT36I8: Corundum (variety ruby)
Crystals sit on rock matrix and have a near tabular habit. Their terminations have very well marked triangular forms. Color is quite good and they have some degree of transparency, visible under a strong light.
Mysore, Chamraj  India (±1973)
Specimen size: 4.5 × 3 × 2.3 cm = 1.77” × 1.18” × 0.91”

Price: [SOLD]
Corundum (variety ruby) with Calcite.
AB29M4: Corundum (variety ruby) with Calcite
Excellent miniature with a really good doubly terminated Ruby crystal, with an excellent development of faces and edges. Brilliance and a certain transparency are well outperformed by the intense, deep and uniform color. On matrix.
Jagdalek Mine, Surobi, Kabul  Afghanistan (2004)
Specimen size: 2.4 × 1.5 × 1 cm = 0.94” × 0.59” × 0.39”

Main crystal size: 1.2 × 1 cm = 0.47” × 0.39”

Price: [SOLD]
Corundum (variety ruby) with Pyrope (variety rhodolite) and Muscovite.
MH29L7: Corundum (variety ruby) with Pyrope (variety rhodolite) and Muscovite
Well defined Corundum crystal, translucent and with a color that varies between red (under sunlight) and mauve with bluish tones (under artificial light). Crystal is partially included in a rich Muscovite and Pyrope (variety rhodolite) matrix.
Zazafotsy Quarry, Ambahatraso, Ihosy, Fianarantsoa  Madagascar (10/2007)
Specimen size: 5.6 × 4.2 × 3.4 cm = 2.20” × 1.65” × 1.34”

Price: [SOLD]
Corundum (variety ruby) with Pyrope (variety rhodolite) and Muscovite.
MN69K8: Corundum (variety ruby) with Pyrope (variety rhodolite) and Muscovite
A novelty from Munich 2007. Corundum crystal of sharp faces and edges, excellent terminations and good color. It shows different color shades depending of the type of light they receive, and has a marked zonation between red and blue-mauve. On the front crystal face you can see some curious concentric growth figures around a little triangular rhombohedron face. The matrix, very rich in Muscovite, also has abundant red growths of Pyrope (variety rhodolite).
Zazafotsy Quarry, Ambahatraso, Ihosy, Fianarantsoa  Madagascar (10/2007)
Specimen size: 7.7 × 3.9 × 4.5 cm = 3.03” × 1.54” × 1.77”

Main crystal size: 1.6 × 1.5 cm = 0.63” × 0.59”

Price: [SOLD]
Corundum with Anorthite and Phlogopite.
EQ96F2: Corundum with Anorthite and Phlogopite
This crystal, which has well-defined contours, intense color and brilliance, has grown surrounded by Anorthite. It stands out from the darker matrix, which is very rich in Mica. The Mica has not been analyzed, but information on the locality suggests that it might be ferroan Phlogopite. From the David Lucas collection, number 147, and we will give the buyer his label.
Rai-Iz (Raiz), Tyumen Oblast  Russia
Specimen size: 9.6 × 7.5 × 6 cm = 3.78” × 2.95” × 2.36”

Price: [SOLD]
Corundum with Biotite.
TP37J3: Corundum with Biotite
Doubly terminated prismatic crystal, very rich of faces, combining prism, pyramid and pinacoid. Partly transparent, very bright and with a deep color between red and mauve. On Biotite matrix.
Zazafotsy Quarry, Ambahatraso, Ihosy, Fianarantsoa  Madagascar (2006)
Specimen size: 5.8 × 3.4 × 4.3 cm = 2.28” × 1.34” × 1.69”

Main crystal size: 2.2 × 0.9 cm = 0.87” × 0.35”

Price: [SOLD]
Corundum with Calcite.
EX88AM1: Corundum with Calcite
Doubly terminated crystals of red Corundum, one of them clearly dominant, with very well defined faces and edges and curvatures on the edges. They are embedded in a gneissic rock matrix.
Mysore District, Karnataka  India
Specimen size: 10.4 × 8.7 × 7.6 cm = 4.09” × 3.43” × 2.99”

Price: €380 / US$447 / ¥49030 / AUD$610
Corundum with Calcite.
EH49W7: Corundum with Calcite
Sharp thick tabular spinel-twinned crystal. It is uniformly translucent, with an intense and uniform red color and it is on a Calcite matrix.
Jagdalek Mine, Surobi, Kabul  Afghanistan
Specimen size: 4.8 × 3.4 × 2 cm = 1.89” × 1.34” × 0.79”

Main crystal size: 1.6 × 1.4 cm = 0.63” × 0.55”

Price: [SOLD]
Corundum with Muscovite.
MA74I1: Corundum with Muscovite
Crystals are prismatic, very well developed. The main one is doubly terminated, with triangular growth pits on terminations. In addition to its quality and esthetics, we note its variable color mainly blue but with reddish zones. A new find at Munich 2006 because there were not specimens of such high quality from the locality.
Zazafotsy Quarry, Ambahatraso, Ihosy, Fianarantsoa  Madagascar (2006)
Specimen size: 9.5 × 8.1 × 5 cm = 3.74” × 3.19” × 1.97”

Price: [SOLD]
Corundum with Oligoclase and Biotite.
TH77J3: Corundum with Oligoclase and Biotite
Tabular crystals with geometric striations of growth. Color is very intense, especially enhanced when the specimen is under a strong light. Crystals are in a Biotite matrix very rich of Oligoclase. We are very pleased because it has been possible for us to precisely certify the locality of origin, which is not always easy.
This specimen is noted as acquired in 1957 and it is with a label from Burminco (George Burnham) that we’ll send to the buyer.
Kleggassen, Froland, Arendal  Norway (±1957)
Specimen size: 5.4 × 4.4 × 2.4 cm = 2.13” × 1.73” × 0.94”

Main crystal size: 1 × 1 cm = 0.39” × 0.39”

Price: [SOLD]

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