Jordi Fabre

Jordi Fabre


It is ten years since the date when, feeling totally incompetent about using a computer of which I knew little or even nothing, I took the plunge and decided to start a web site for the sale of mineral specimens for collectors. Ten years on I still really don't fully understand computers (but how many people really do?) but I have learned that there are numerous people at the other end of the line who like the minerals I offer, and I have also learned that one always has to learn.

I know that without the 'planets' who are shown on this page and who have helped me over the years, none of this would have happened.  So, thank you all of you:

Thank you Carme for understanding and taking on board the drive that makes me do what I do

Thank you Alba as, instead of getting angry when I did not play with you, you noticed what I was doing with the computer and learned how to do it yourself

Thank you James for without you probably none of this would exist, and also thank you for tolerating my initial complete lack of knowledge about computers

Thank you Joan for helping me solve so many problems and for always making sure that the web site is technically advanced

Thank you Francesc for all the hours you put into the site and for so many suggestions

Thank you Pares for always being willing to learn, even when the going got tough

Thank you John for being my teacher and friend, and for having a relationship with me as a equal without frustration

Thank you Carles for accepting me as I am and never trying to impose anything

Thank you Julia for being so professional and friendly during shows

Thank you to many others, such as the Seaman-Bruner family, and all the other people who, when I needed them, were at my side.

And above all: thank you to all our customers and/or friends who have over the years supported our efforts, buying specimens, letting us know what you thought about the site, or simply being there at the other end of the Internet line.

Jordi Fabre

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