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Monday 29 October 2007

7 AM and Carme is driving our car to Munich.
Parés had an accident on Thursday and he has broken a bone of his feet, so we had to change everything and with major personal effort by Carme we will be able to exhibit in Munich.

With this post I start my daily articles about Munich Show. For the moment not too much to say, we are just starting our trip. I can say that us we will have a large amount of stuff with exceptional classic specimens coming from a great collection that we just bought and that we will exhibit for the first time in Munich and Expominer (Barcelona Show).

As a novelty, we bring also an important lot of colorful stalactitic Goethites from Tharsis (Huelva, Spain) mined between May and October 2007. If I have the chance to do it, I will publish a photo of one of them tomorrow.

BTW, we have not heard much about new novelties but it doesn't mean that they don't exist. We will see during next few days.

Tuesday 30 October 2007

Not too much to say today. The Show doesn't start until tomorrow (although today some dealer and the big trucks went in) and until then we have no big news to give you.

We tried to do a decent photo of one of the new Spanish Goethites and unfortunately the result was very bad, a video that we did of one of this Goethites was more acceptable, so we published it together with this message.

Tomorrow will be a very long day, I must go to the bed....

Wednesday 31 October 2007

The majority of the stand are already set up and we have survived with Parés absent. With this message I publish two photos, the first one is the start of the set-up and the second one is with the stand close to ready. We can see Carme, Julia, J. Gil and J.R. Garcia helping. Thanks to everybody.




We publish two videos of the Halls 5 and 4. The Hall 5 is the main one and where the best specimens are (as well as ourselves). The Hall 4 is more diverse, with all kind of stuff and with the majority of Chinese and Moroccan dealers.

We saw several novelties at the Show today. For the moment we can points out few nice Herderites from Sassi, a new locality in Pakistan, and a recent small find of beautiful pink octahedral Fluorites from Nagar, Pakistan.

Munich 2007 - The start of set-up
The start of set-up

Munich 2007 - Close to the end of set-up
Close to the end of set-up
Mineralientage 2007 Hall 5

Mineralientage 2007 Hall 4

Thursday 1 November 2007

The show is now open, waiting for the arrival of the customers tomorrow. Although I was very busy over the past few days setting up our booth, I found time to try to check the Show's main novelties. The more noticeable new find seems to be the Apatites (Fluor? Hydroxyl?) from Sapo Mine, Goiabeira, Aimorés, Minas Gerais, Brazil, that it is the same locality were the Hydroxylapatites with unusual shape came out over the past years.
The new ones are totally different: either in elongated groups of crystals growing on steps, or very similar to the Panasqueira ones but on white Albite matrix. People talk a lot about them, due to their esthetics as well as for their high price.

More novelties: in Zambia new Rutiles, really peculiar, pseudormophosing Ilmenite? Hematite?, and in Madagascar, new Corundum-Rubies, very red and partially gemmy. Also the new Eudidymites, Epidymites and Niobophyllites from Malawi, brought for us, are mentioned frequently as an important novelty.

I have more things to comment, but honestly, I'm so tired that I need to do it over the next days.

This evening when I had a fast meal in a small cafe in Feldkirchen, I met there, by chance, Alí Hmani and his son. Alí is a Moroccan dealer and we have been friends for more than 20 years. We had a lot of fun talking about the Show histories. I have published the photo of both of them as a warm souvenir of our common experiences in Morocco.


Munich 2007 - Ali Hmani and his son
Ali Hmani and his son

Friday 2 November 2007

Today was a very intense day with not that many visitors, but lots of buyers. The day was so intense that I don't have the energy to publish more than two photos.
In the first one you can see Jolyon Ralph and the Mindat's team that by chance had a meeting in front of my booth.
This time is not Mindat who took photos of me but me who took photos of Mindat!

The second photo shows John S. White and Bill & Carol Smith, having a peaceful chat inside my booth. Bill & Carol Smith are great US collectors as well as organizers of the Denver Main Show.

Munich 2007 - The Mindat team with Jolyon Ralph
The Mindat team with Jolyon Ralph

The second photo shows John S. White and Bill & Carol Smith, having a peaceful chat inside my booth. Bill & Carol Smith are great US collectors as well as organizers of the Denver Main Show.


Munich 2007 - John S. White with Bill & Carol Smith
John S. White with Bill & Carol Smith in my booth

Saturday 3 November 2006

I'm really sorry, but I'm exhausted today and as tomorrow is the last day of the Show and we need to work very hard to do the close up, I will publish my impressions about the show as well as the comments about other novelties that I saw, on Monday during our trip back to Spain while Carme drives. Until then, please be patient.

Monday 5 November 2007

OK, yesterday we finished the show and now we are heading back to Barcelona with our mind focused on the next Expominer Show that will start this Friday.

Yesterday Sunday was my first "free day" and I used it to visit the Show. The exhibit of the Himalayan minerals this year was excellent, in my opinion. I did a video of the general exhibit already published together with this message, and some photos and videos about the specimens that I liked most of this exhibit and that I will publish over the next few days together with the final summary of the Show.

Munich Show (Mineralientage) 2007- General exhibit

As an appetizer of this summary, I would like to say that through the comments that I heard while there it seems to me that the balance between the cost of the show and sales is not that good for many exhibitors. Related with this I could add that I feel that there is one general feeling about the every increasing difference between a small group of dealers exhibiting really expensive specimens and "normal" dealers that hardly manage to cover their costs, with the undesirable outcome that they can't make a living from this business, so they should forget minerals and sell gemstones, jewellery or similar material. This causes another undesired outcome, as with less exhibitors exhibiting minerals regular collectors can't find specimens with the quality that they want and the price that they can afford. My very good friend Charlie Sahlman told to me on Saturday that they are just a few bridge-dealers (among which he includes us) joining both these worlds.
I think that this is a very interesting topic that I will say more about the next days in my final summary of the Show.

To complete the list of novelties just add the new Zircons from Astor, Pakistan with a very nice color and transparency, the large number of Topaz in the China-Vietnam border area and bicolored Tourmalines on Quartz matrix from China.

Tuesday 6 November 2007

Here you have videos of 4 specimens that I specially liked on the Himalayas expo of Munich 2007.

This is a magnificent Väyrynenite,
world's best as far as I know.
The lucky owner of it is the Wien Museum.

An other world class specimen. Is an enormeous
crystal perched of Feldspar crystals.
Is on the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle of Paris.

Manganotantalite on matrix, with splendorous red color.

The nicer one. A lovely octahedral Fluorite.

Sunday 11 November 2007

During a small break at the Expominer Show (the Barcelona mineral show) I have a chance to write about my personal point of view of the past Munich Show.

On previous posts I have already commented on some of the novelties that I found there. To my previous comments, I would just add that for me the major novelty was the Fluor? / Hydroxyl? Apatite from the Sapo Mine, Brazil, and that to this we should add the iridescent Goethite from Tharsis, Huelva, Spain; the Epididymite, Eudidymite and Niobophyllite from Mont Malosa, Malawi; the dichroic ruby-sapphire (Corundum) from the Zazafotsy quarry (Madagascar); the Ilmenite? - Hematite? pseudomorphed by Rutile from Zambia; the (numerous) Brazilianites from Corrego Frio, Brazil; the Herderites from Sassi, Pakistan; the new octahedral pink Fluorite also from Pakistan, the Topaz from the China-Vietnam border and bicolored Tourmalines on Quartz matrix from China.

So, as usual in past years, not too many novelties, but a lot of great samples coming from collections recently sold.

Munich 2007 - John Veevaert with a marriage of German collectors
I catched John Veevaert with a marriage of German collectors on my stand

Talking about great samples, I return to a topic that I started in a previous message. Many people with whom I spoke share my concerns about the centrifugal force that apparently is separating more and more the regular collector and the wealthy collector, who is disposed to pay enormous amounts of money to get the so-called "trophy" "killer" or "world's best" specimens. This abyss that is opening during recent years I think will produce, even more so in the future, the perception by collectors that they can't continue collectioning at the quality level they wish at prices they can afford. If this threat continues then the unfortunate future of shows could be just deals between dealers and a rush for "trophy" specimens with a corresponding escalation of prices that this phenomena would cause.

I believe that is very important to take care of the small budget collector, as well as kids with just 10-15 Euros in their pockets, and that we should try not to drive them away. It would be sad if they did not have a chance to buy from small scrupulous dealers because the larger and well-known dealers offer just extremely expensive rocks. I believe that we should tend bridges between both extremes and if we can do that, the general health of the mineral hobby will increase.

Otherwise, Munich has been, as in every year, a huge mineralogical celebration where the senses have been filled (by experiences) and the pockets have been drained (of money). The Munich Show is an essential appointment in order to know what happens in the collector's world. It is not the end of the world if we don't get there, but without doubt, to visit it reinforces our knowledge of mineralogy and it allows us to better understand the real situation of the prices in the mineral market.


Munich 2007 - The City council of Munich (Rathaus) in the Marienplatz

The City council of Munich (Rathaus) in the Marienplatz

Munich 2007


Munich 2007


Munich 2007

Munich 2007




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