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Fabre Minerals

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Esta página le ofrece algunos de los comentarios que hemos recibido de personas que nos han hecho compras a través de Internet o que han visitado nuestra Web.

Fabre Minerals

Todo perfecto: el embalaje, la etiqueta y sobre todo la pieza. Como coleccionista me gustaría animarte a seguirnos ofreciendo interesantes piezas a precios razonables.

J. Montes

Os felicito de nuevo por la página, variedad, sencilla de visitar, y sobre todo una gran calidad en las fotos, pienso, que de las mejores de la red.


Enhorabuena por la página Web. Muy bien presentada, imágenes muy rápidas y comentarios precisos... todo un profesional que gusta de la excelencia.


Je profite de ce courrier pour vous manifester ma profonde satisfaction au sujet de votre site Internet: les photos représentent  avec une exactitude parfaite l'échantillon, les couleurs sont bonnes, les descriptions sont parfaites dans les "Express Specimens" et suffisantes pour moi.
J'étais sceptique et n'avais aucune envie d'acheter des minéraux sur Internet. Je parcourais les sites comme je regarde les revues de minéralogie. J'ai tenté la chance avec un achat de sphalérite sur votre site. Votre envoi m'a convaincu. Il est vrai que je connaissais votre parfaite connaissance des minéraux, votre souci de détermination exacte et la rigueur de vos descriptions. Vous m'avez donc persuadé de la possibilité d'acheter des minéraux sur Internet. Enfin je trouve sur votre site ce que je recherche: des échantillons bien formés se rapprochant des modèles cristallographiques; de petite taille (thumbnail, ou miniature), à prix raisonnable à une époque ou le marché s'emballe.
Bien cordialement.

Claude Marion (Maître-Assistant honoraire de l'E. N. S. des Mines de Paris)

Havent pogut veure també les imatges que em vas enviar, volia repetir les meves gràcies i expressar la meva admiració pels teus alts estàndars professionals.

Joan M.

(Habiendo visto las imágenes que me enviaste, te quería dar de nuevo las gracias y expresar mi admiración por tu alto nivel profesional).

La teva pàgina WEB és molt bona, i com sempre tens una qualitat de minerals excepcionals, molt bé per la feina feta.

Ramon Mascaró

(Tu página Web es muy buena, y como siempre tienes una calidad de minerales excepcional. Muy bien por el trabajo realizado).

Hi Jordi: let me say that the material you are offering now and the prices are about the best that I have seen so far. Keep up the good work, you deserve a lot of credit for a superb effort.
Warmest regards,

John S. White

I have seen most of the mineral dealers web mineral sides on the net. I have also bought minerals from them. And from what I have seen and what I have bought, nothing compares to the minerals of Jordi Fabre.
Because he have an outstanding knowledge for minerals. His presentation of the minerals for sale is of high standard. The minerals is of a high standard, and the prices reflected the level of the minerals. The package is also very well done. If you decided to buy minerals on the net, try Jordi Fabre for his knowledge of the subject.
I greatly recommended him!

J. Larsen

My display of minerals won "Best of Show - Master Level" in the Tucson competition. It is nice to know that other people think I have good minerals. By the way, I believe you are one of my favorite sources. Your prices are not the lowest, but your quality is tops. I think you give an excellent value for the money.

Roy F.

You always have fine minerals at affordable prices. No "dot-com" prices at your booth.

E. Schlichter

Naturally word has gotten around that the pictures on your website do reflect the samples that you ship - your site has one of the fastest sample sales that I have seen! - congratulations.

Craig P.

Jordi: The 3 specimens arrived yesterday. While all three were nice, the Vanadinite was really outstanding, and I thank you for selling it to me. As usual, it is a pleasure doing business with you -- you really send me superior quality minerals, WELL PACKED, I await each shipment with great anticipation. Keep up the good work.
All the best,


The specimens I ordered arrived all in good shape. They were very well wrapped and are great specimens. Thanks for the quick service.

Louis C.

Hi Jordi,
Just wanted to let you know that the fluorite arrived safely in today's mail. It's a beautiful specimen and will enhance my collection. Thanks again for your great service.

Walt B.

I got the specimens yesterday as well as the separate letter and labels. The description of the minerals was very good and realistic. I agree that the piece with the smallest crystals is by far the best mineralogically. The crystals are partly gemmy and deep yellow colored. The other piece is less interesting but I do not regret it at all.


Received the cinnabar specimen today.... WOW!! I can honestly say that this is the best crystal that I have seen from Spain yet. The only 'better' looking specimen is one I saw a few years ago from XXXXXX, but he wanted an outrageous sum for the thing!! It was only slightly bigger and didn't even have much matrix! ANYWAY, I am 200% satisfied with the specimen. Only 7 small droplets of mercury became dislodged during it's 12,000 mile journey! I was amazed, because there are much larger ones tucked in small crevices that didn't seem to move at all.
Thanks again.

J. Pugh

Just got the box of antimony. Fabulous specimens, this is the most exciting box of minerals I've ever opened! I also appreciate your excellent wrapping, everything arrived in perfect shape. Thanks for the additional information and excellent locality data, I really appreciate it.

Tim Jokela Jr.

The specimen arrived today. It is a beautiful piece. Thank you again for all of your help.

Maria L.

I just received the Specimen in the mail today... it is very nice! Thank you very much! I hope to have the pleasure of doing business with you again in the future!

Jeff P.

Got back home to find the specimen here safely - excellent job on the wrapping and shipping, nice specimen which I am pleased to have.

W. Keller

I received the minerals I ordered from you a couple of days ago; they are nice specimens! I especially like the Ilvaite, which has to be the finest miniature of this species I have ever seen from any locality (although I realize that Dalnjegorsk is producing many nice things right now).

Jeff P.

Good job. One of the best I've seen. You have a "good eye" for minerals.

J. Watson

Hi Jordi

Just a note to say that my beautiful Brochantite (Milpillas mine, Sonora Mexico) arrived today in perfect condition. It is absolutely stunning! I am thrilled to add this to my collection. Your packaging was superb as everything was safe & sound.

This is not an Ebay purchase so I cannot award any feedback but I will say that you get 5-stars and more from me! Thank you for your exemplary mineral and service.

M. Parrott

Fabre Minerals
Fabre Minerals
Fabre Minerals


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